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Find the freedom to be your best, most genuine, self
Therapy is what you choose to make of it. Yes, that may sound contrite, yet therapy is a safe environment to explore who you are and who you yearn to be. The therapy office should be a safe supportive setting to talk through your thoughts, emotions, and both internal and external conflicts in an effort to gain insight and guidance from someone who is trained and non-biased. A therapist will support, guide, and empower you to find solutions, not impress their own beliefs on you.
YOU are the active change agent in your journey to contentment and fulfillment; a good therapist just guides the way.   

How do I get motivated? Am I ready? 

We often have preconceived ideas and expectations for therapy. You may picture the Charlie Brown comic with Lucy standing at the 'Psychiatric Help' stand with her sign for advice for 5 cent, or Dr. Phil dolling out directives on how one can fix themselves with threats of what will happen if they don't.
We rarely picture just sitting down and getting comfortable (yes most times therapy CAN be comfortable!) while talking with a non-biased person that is skilled in helping talk, think, evaluate, and even re-evaluate current stressors, conflicts, and problems.
I believe strongly in cognitive behavioral therapy which in short addresses how our cognitions (thoughts) affect our perspectives, emotions, and ultimately our behaviors.
There are times in therapy that we have to evaluate our actions and decisions and assess whether they are best for our well-being and that can be difficult, even painful sometimes. The driving force behind change is our internal motivation to do so- when you decide you are ready; I am here. It may not always be comfortable, or easy, but it will be in your best interest focused on your identified goals. Come, kick off your shoes, and make the first step towards change.
Take charge of your life and your happiness.

Services Available...​​
- Individual, Family, & Couple's Counseling
- Anxiety disorders
- Sexual Orientation & Sexual Abuse
- Substance Abuse
- Life Transitions, Pre-marital & Marriage counseling
- Mood Disorders including depression
- Aggression & Anger Difficulties
- Coping Skill Development 
- Self Esteem, Self care, & Body Issues


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I am currently full and not accepting additional afternoon and evening patients.
I am accepting patients to the wait-list and will contact those patients as openings become available. I try to admit patients from the
wait-list monthly. My Masters level intern is seeing patients at a sliding fee scale for those who prefer to not wait for an appointment.

To be placed on the wait list please send a request through the form. 







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Clinical Supervision, Agency/Organization Training, 

and therapeutic Licensure Test Preparation


Supervising therapists since 2004, I have developed a passion for helping other clinicians develop their clinical competence and skills. I continue to offer clinical supervision. Please contact me for access to the clinical supervision contract.

I received my Doctorate from the University of Tennessee and my Masters from the University of Georgia. I am Certified as a  Juvenile Sex Offender Therapist from the University of Kentucky. I am a LCSW, certified in 2 substance abuse programs: 7 Challenges and Prime For Life Under 21. I am certified in the CAFAS, PECFAS, ANSA, and CANS assessments and trained in many other assessments not requiring certification. I have extensive work with Reactive Attachment Disorder, have previously fostered and adopted, and I have worked in diverse environments from psychiatric hospitals, Department of Juvenile Justice incarceration facilities, group homes, in home, outpatient, and inpatient crisis stabilization.


My multitude of experience allows me to offer a perspective not usually available in a clinical supervision setting. For  rates and further information please submit a consultation request through the link above, contact me by email, or you may text(478)550-3171 or call (478) 292-2591.

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