Find the freedom to be your genuine self...

Therapy is what you make of it. Therapy is the setting to talk through your own thoughts, emotions, and conflicts.

A therapist will support and guide you through finding solutions, not impress their own beliefs upon you. YOU are the active change agent in your journey to happiness and fulfillment; a good therapist just guides the way.   

Why me?
After working in the 'corporate world' for over 13 years I began a small private practice in the middle Georgia area primarily based in Macon. I have extensive experience with children, adolescents, teens, and adults. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to provide you individualized specialized services.


You are more than just "another client" when you receive services at Caldwell Counseling Services LLC

Services Available...

​- Individual Counseling


- Family Counseling

- Couple's Counseling

- Behavioral Problems

- Parent child relational problems

- Attention Difficulties and School Difficulties

- Reactive Attachment       Disorder and Adoption

- Sexual Orientation and 


- Sexual Acting Out and Sexual offending


- Sexual Abuse


- Substance Abuse


- Life Transitions, Pre-marital and marriage counseling


- Mood Disorders including depression


- Aggression and Anger Difficulties


- Coping Skill Development 


- Self Esteem, Nutrition, and Weight Issues


I am currently full and not accepting evening patients. I am accepting patients to my wait list and will contact those patients as availability occurs. To be placed on the wait list please send a request below. 

How do I get motivated?


Am I ready?


We often have preconceived ideas and expectations for therapy. We picture the Charlie Brown comic with Lucy standing at the Psychiatric Help stand with her sign for 5 cents for advice or we picture Dr. Phil dolling out directives for how we can fix ourselves, and threats of what will happen if we don't comply. We rarely picture just sitting down and getting comfortable (yes most times therapy CAN be comfortable) while talking with a non-biased person that is skilled in helping us talk through, think through, evaluate, even re-evaluate our lives and current stressors/problems while

identifying a realistic achievable solution. There are times in

therapy that we have to evaluate

our decisions and assess whether we are making those that are best for us and our well-being and that can be difficult even painful sometimes, but the driving force behind change is our internal motivation to do so- when you decide you are ready; I am here. Come, relax, kick off your shoes, and make the first step towards change. Take charge of your life and your happiness.

Clinical Supervision, Agency/Organization Trainings, and Licensure test prep


Supervising therapists since 2004, I have developed a passion for helping other clinicians develop their clinical competence and clinical skill. I continue to offer clinical supervision, both individual and group. I am a Certified Juvenile Sex Offender Therapist, a LCSW, Certified in 2 substance abuse programs: 7 Challenges and Prime For Life Under 21, certified in the CAFAS, PECFAS, ANSA, and CANS, have extensive work with Reactive Attachment Disorder, have previously fostered and adopted, and I have worked in diverse environments from psychiatric hospitals, Department of Juvenile Justice incarceration facilities, group homes, in home, outpatient, and inpatient crisis stabilization. My multitude of experience allows me to offer perspectives not usually available in a clinical supervision setting. For  rates and further information please submit a consultation request through the link above.



Courtney B. Caldwell


Located in the heart of Ingleside Village between Pierce/Pionono and Riverside Drive at 2198 Ingleside Avenue Macon GA 31204

Patient Testimonials:

"I guess nobody thinks they need therapy; I sure didn't think I did. But when I started with Ms. Caldwell it felt like we were old frends just talking through my daily problems and then one day I realized with that approach she helped me more than I ever thought possible. She helped me to come up with my own solutions and to fix things for myself instead of telling me what to do and I learned the most that way" 

Brittany B.


"Courtney helped us identify what our marriage issues were including what we  both brought to the marriage from our past and helped us find the spark again"

Jenna P. 

"Counseling with Ms. Caldwell has helped me tremendously, I would recommend her to anyone" 

Amy M.

"I went for my son thinking if he could do it I would do anything to help. Now not only my son but my whole family has been helped. To look at us now you wouldn't have any idea how rock bottom we got. She works with the whole family"

Jahbo T.


"She's got some specialties we as clients don't want to think about like working with teen sex offenders and working with kids who have been in DFCS and are having trouble attaching to people. When you fit one of those categories she is especially a God send. She helps you understand what you are going through and ways to deal with it. I've seen other therapists before but none were as relatable and genuine about helping me"

Michael G.


"Ms. Caldwell truly gets people...teenagers...adults...

children...she has the passion and professionalism that connects to people in such a way that gives them clear insight that empowers them in a non-judgmental way that in turn drives them to a healthier, happier place as they navigate through tough circumstances"

Missy A.

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